Lottery Software System Challenge Test

This site is intended to give every supplier of lottery software or systems the opportunity to put their lottery software to the test.

Created on 20th November 2003 by a Producer of Lottery Software

Each supplier has been emailed (or is aware of) of this lottery software challenge. This web site is public as is the rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup. I intend to give each invited participant 4 weeks in order to respond to the invite. If you think your response has not been accurately recorded then make an entry in rec.gambling.lottery and the web will be updated. A follow-up email will be send two weeks after the first if the first is not answered. Together with this and the open newsgroup on lottery, non-responses will be listed as a “non-response taken as a refusal”.

The test will be simple. Taking a lottery game (Powerball) each entrant will be given the opportunity to submit a total of 20 lines of numbers for each draw generated by their lottery system software. These draws will be listed together with the results based on the actual draw.

The number of consecutive draws will be 50 allowing each entrant to submit a total of 1000 (50 x 20) lines over the period. A summary of wins and losses will be shown.

Submission format: entries must be submitted as a text file in the form NN NN NN NN NN PB (where NN is one of the main balls 01-53 and PB is the Powerball 01-42)

Why powerball lottery? This is probably one of the most played games. If a vendor has a good system then it should be able to be applied to any game.

This was initiated in an open newsgroup rec.gambling.lottery

When will the test begin? As soon as 10 or more invited participants agree to the challenge.

If you don’t provide lottery software or systems for sale on the web but you would like to pit your chances, I can set up a separate page/table for individual entries.

What conclusions will be drawn from the results? Reply: None It will be up to the individual reader to draw their own conclusions from any information presented here. Please however give credit to those who participated.

Legal Notice

This site will not and does not intend to comment on the usefulness of a lottery software product, its functionality, value, cost, or results of the challenge. It is not performing a review of the lottery software.

All participants listed can obviously join in or not and no comment will be made about those who do not participate other than the fact that they chose not to.

Much of the lottery software provided by the participants can be used on a trial basis before purchase and it is suggested you do not exclude any product just based on the results of this narrow trial. Download the lottery software product(s) and try them for yourself - you may find that the product that did worse in the trial gives you a big win first time!

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