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Description of the Service

This daily service provides a data feed of the most recent lottery results for all active lotteries in our database. This service is intended for websites, software producers, and print publications (newspapers, etc.) who need lottery results in a timely manner.

The list of lotteries covered by this service can be viewed here.

Format of the Data

This data is provided in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format (RFC 4180), where commas separate each field. For example, for a lottery with three numbers, the format would be:


The fields are described here:
  • The first field is the country (or, for the United States and Canada, the state or province).
  • The second field is the name of the lottery.
  • The third field is the date of the drawing, in ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD) format.
  • Subsequent fields are the numbers drawn*.
  • The line terminator is a carriage return (ASCII 13) followed by a linefeed (ASCII 10).
*Please note that for lotteries with one or more bonus balls (for example, Mega Millions or Euro Millions), the bonus ball(s) will be at the end.

Here is an example for Indiana's Cash 5 lottery, drawn on Friday evening, January 1, 2021:
Indiana,Cash 5,2021-01-01,4,7,18,26,29

Availability of the Data

This data feed is distributed at around 0000 JST each day, seven days a week, year-round. This data feed consists of the latest drawing of all lotteries drawn the previous day, some drawings for lotteries that were drawn that same day (i.e., some European and Asian lotteries), as well as the most recent drawing of all other lotteries.

Delivery of the Data

The data is delivered via email.


The pricing is US$40 per month.

Need a Sample?

Simply email us a request for a free two-week Lottery Journal subscription sample at sales@satoripublishing.com. We strongly encourage all prospective customers to get this free sample sample in order to ensure satisfaction with this service before purchasing. There is no cost or obligation. This is for new customers only.

Please add "sales@satoripublishing.com" to your email whitelist to prevent our emails being relegated as spam. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

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