Lotto Sorcerer vs. Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice

Lotto Sorcerer™
Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice™

Lotto Sorcerer
Ultimate Edition

Lotto Sorcerer's
Price (in US$) $59.95 $24.99
Number of Built-in Lotteries 632 320
Type of Analysis Method Neural Network Statistical Analysis
Analyzes Pools Numbers
Supports Lottery Data Subscription Service? YES YES
Maximum Number of Built-in Lotteries? 64 32
Handles Lotto-type Lotteries? YES YES
Handles Lotto-type Lotteries with one bonus ball (e.g., Mega Millions, Powerball)? YES YES
Handles Lotto-type Lotteries with two bonus balls (e.g., EuroMillions)? YES No
Handles Lotto-type Lotteries which draw extra numbers? YES No
Handles Keno-type Lotteries? YES No
Handles "All-or-nothing"-type Lotteries? YES No
Handles Pick-type Lotteries? YES No
Supports Virtual Lotteries? YES No
Supports Wheels? YES No
Prints Playslips? YES No
Includes Lotto Seer™? YES No
Includes Lottery Number Oracle™? YES No
Includes Lotto Augur™? YES No
Check Numbers function? YES No
Scripting Laboratory? YES No
Imports numbers? YES YES
Exports numbers? YES No
Runs on Windows (XP - 10)? YES YES
Runs on macOS (10.12 and higher)? No YES
Runs on Mac OS X (Intel 10.4 - 10.11)? YES YES
Runs on Mac OS X (PowerPC 10.4 - 10.5)? No YES
Number of Awards 37 11
Download Size ≈70 MB ≈25 MB
Disk Space Required ≈240 MB ≈33 MB
Size of User's Guide 315 pages 59 pages

This is not a complete list of the differences between the two programs. Lotto Sorcerer has many, many more features than Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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"Love the latest Lotto Sorcerer! I really liked the previous version, but WOW! this is like going from a Volkswagen to a Viper, a Pinto to a Porsche, get the idea! S.M., Rome City, Indiana
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