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Download, Install and Run Lotto Sorcerer for Windows

Step One

Click the "Download" Link from the download page.

Step Two

Save the Lotto Sorcerer installer file, "LSW9.exe" to your computer.

Step Three

Navigate to your Downloads file and double-click the installer file, "LSW9.exe" to launch it.

Step Four

When the Security Warning window opens, click the "Run" button. This will launch the installer.

Step Five

When the Installer window opens, click the "Next" button.

Step Six

Review the "Important Information" panel and click the "Next" button.

Step Seven

The "Lotto Sorcerer End User License Agreement" ("EULA") panel will be shown. Read and review carefully. If you agree to abide by the terms of the EULA, check the "I agree to these terms" checkbox, then click the "Next" button.

Step Six

The Installation Options panel is shown. We strongly recommend that you keep the options as they are presented to you. Click the "Install" button.

The progress of the installation process is shown in the "Operation in Process" panel.

Step Seven

When the "Installation Completed" panel appears, click the "Finish" button.

Lotto Sorcerer v9 is now installed. To run it, double-click the Lotto Sorcerer v8 icon on your desktop.

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