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How to Open Lotto Sorcerer in Mac OS X

For Mac OS X 10.9 ("Mavericks") through 10.11 ("El Capitan"), you will presented with the Gatekeeper advisory message:

Click the "OK" button to dismiss this message.

To start Lotto Sorcerer, you will need to control-click on the Lotto Sorcerer v9 icon (located in the folder called "Lotto Sorcerer v9", which is located in your Applications folder), which will present a contextual menu. On that menu, choose "Open":

You will be presented with a dialog box, asking for verification to open the file. You will need to click "Open" to do so:

This procedure will only have to be done once. Afterwards, Lotto Sorcerer will start without Gatekeeper intervening.

At this point, Lotto Sorcerer will start:

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