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Import File from US Datamines

This tutorial shows how to import a lottery dataset received from US Datamines.

Datasets received from US Datamines are CSV (comma separated value) files... so use Lotto Sorcerer's Import Comma Separated Value function by choosing menu item "Lottery Data > Import Lottery Data > Import Comma Separated Value (CSV) File".

The Import Delimited CSV File window opens. First, select the target lottery in the "Lottery" dropdown menu. Next, the date field in datasets received from US Datamines is in YYYY-MM-DD format, set the "Date Format" dropdown menu to "Year Month Day" and the "Character Between Date Elements" to "- [dash]". Leave the "Ignore First Line" checkbox unchecked. The following screenshot shows how the selections should look:

Bring in the file to import by either "dragging and dropping" the file onto the Import Delimited CSV File window, or click the "Select Input File" button to invoke a file selector.

The contents of the "Expected Input Format" box should match the contents of the "Actual Input Format" box. That is the format should match, not the data itself.

Finally, click the "Import" button.

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