Security Assurance

Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice does not install or modify DLL files in your System Folder.

Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice has its own DLL (Dynamic Linked Library) files, but keeps them separate from your System Folder. It does not install DLL files in your System folder, nor does it modify or overwrite existing DLL files.

What are DLL files, and why is this important?
DLL files are "Dynamic Linked Library" files, originating from the first release of Windows back in 1985. This was back when hard drive space was expensive, when a typical hard drive was less than 20 megabytes. To save hard drive, commonly used code was shared by different programs in the form of the DLL files. When you install a program, it will install the DLL files it needs. A poorly written program or installer can overwrite an existing DLL file with an older version of that file. Other programs on your computer, which rely on the newer version of that DLL file, may suddenly stop working. This is what is popularly known as "DLL hell". For more information, please click here.

Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice avoids this problem by keeping its own DLL files in its own folder, away from your System Folder. Installing Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice will not interfere with other programs on your computer (and other programs on your computer will not interfere with Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice).

Online credit card processing is handled by world-class processors.

If you purchase online, we do not process online credit cards directly. We have partnered with world-class credit card processors, whose speciality is keeping credit card transactions safe and secure. Even we have no access to your credit card information, so we do not keep your credit card information "on file".

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