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Thursday Morning, March 30, 2006

In the autumn of 2005, I planted some crocus bulbs in a small patch in the northwest corner of our yard. These photos show the glories results. It never bloomed that nicely ever again. Several times since then, I have planted bulbs, added better soil. Nothing ever came close to this. This is our first cat, Tae-tae, in the photos, helping be appreciate that unforgettable morning. Click on any of the thumbnails, below, for a closer view.

I do have another success story. A few years ago, around 2017 or 2018, I bought and planted some saffron crocuses in the front yard. These are autumn-blooming crocuses. The crocuses came up, but they never put out flowers. Then, in the autumn of 2021, they all bloomed! Each one had two long saffron threads. I was amazed. I only wish Rita was here to share this with her.