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"How do I correct a lottery drawing?"

We will be using an example of correcting the lottery drawings for December 21, 2020 in the "Michigan Fantasy 5" lottery. The lottery drawing for that date should be "05-11-28-31-38", but the database shows "05-11-28-32-38" instead. So the fourth number for that date should be corrected.

Step One of Three

Click the line in the grid that contains the lottery drawing that needs correcting. When you click on the line, the text boxes (in the "Lottery Drawing Entry" section, near the lower middle of the window) will be populated with the individual numbers of that lottery drawing.

Step Two of Three

Correct the drawing by double-clicking in the text box that contains the wrong number, then enter the correct number...

Step Three of Three

... and click the "Enter" button at the lower right part of the window.

The numbers should appear at the top of the past drawings grid:


If you need to correct a date of a drawing, you will need to delete the entire drawing, then manually enter the drawing with the correct date.

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