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"How do I do Manual Entry to enter past drawings?"

If you do not want to use the optional Lottery Data Service, and if you do not want to import past lottery drawings into Lotto Sorcerer, you will need to type in past drawings.

Step One of Two

Click the date on the Calendar, located at the bottom left, for the date of the lottery draw. This example will use December 22, 2020:

Step Two of Two

Enter the drawings in the text boxes, in the "Lottery Drawing Entry" section, near the lower middle of the window...

... and click the "Enter" button at the lower right part of the window.

The numbers should appear at the top of the past drawings grid:

Manual Entry Tips

  1. If you are entering more than one drawing, you should start with the oldest drawing first, and work up to the most recent drawing. When you do this, after entering a number, Lotto Sorcerer will automatically increment the date to the next scheduled drawing date, allowing you to skip step #2.
  2. If the drawing has numbers less than ten, precede the number with a zero so that, after entering the number, the cursor will automatically advance to the next box. For example, enter "8" as "08".
  3. After entering the last number in the series, hit the "Return" button on your keyboard, instead of clicking on the "Enter" button. You may find this to be faster.

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